Monday, October 26, 2009

Non lethal anti-Pirate deterants‏


Check out p27 of this month's Maritime Reporter online magazine:

With pirate attacks becoming a big problem for merchant ships they got some nice new toys such as the (my favourite) "Force 80 Water Canon", looks impressive and can be controlled with a joystick "point&shoot" and can be combined with the radar system/video camera so you can hide inside the ship while the pirates get grumpy etc... nice. Or try the "Mobile Denial System", something right out of 007 slimmy chemical system so it will make it difficult to board your boat... or if you want to feel extra safe you can even hire ex special forces personnel to ride along your boat, the list of toys goes on... advanced night vision, "sound weapon" etc... just make sure you're in the cone of silence before activating this weapon ;-) Anyone got other bright ideas? I was thinking have a "Force 1000 Water Canon" with "bubble bath" soapy solution and fine metal particles for pirate radar jamming so when mixed with the high pressure water the pirates' boat gets engulfed by a huge "bubble bath" and can't see by radar either? ;-))

Ok it was a thought, better get back to the Hubble and space shuttle...

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