Saturday, October 24, 2009

Re: Many Earths + Sharks in Sydney Harbour‏


Everyone knows about the recent shark attacks we've had in Sydney lately but I caught one shark red handed on camera trying to have a feed. I saw one in Rose Bay a couple years ago chasing a runabout, obviously the shark must have been really hungry, I've never seen a shark so big before, it was huge!

Does anyone know why there are so many passenger ships coming to Sydney lately? The paper on thursday was saying 27 passenger ships are coming in the next 27 days didn't say much else. Queen Victoria is in CQ at the moment and Queen Mary is coming as well. Just as we were dropping off at casino last night, the Tahitian Princess was departing Darling Harbour...

Following up the many Earths post, for those interested:

- Where are these Earths? NASA is launching its Earth hunter Kepler mission next month (March 5):

- How do we get to them? Those into Propulsion Physics might be interested in this year's SPESIF in a few days time: