Monday, October 26, 2009

A moonbow and a rainbow‏


You have all seen a rainbow and perhaps a double rainbow but have you seen a moonbow at night? This time it is the sunlight reflected from the Moon (moonlight) which creates the effect via refraction from water droplets, checkout this excellent video:

Attached some photos sent by Pete, one of my former students who skippers the ferry Sun on the Hawkesbury River out of Brooklyn. This ferry being just under 12m only requires Coxswain, goes to Dangar Island, Wobby Beach and back 364 days a year early morning till evening. There's also the Hawkesbury Explorer and Hawkesbury (both Master 5 boats) which do regular cruises up the river including the last riverboat postman run. I used to work there for a year after I just got my Master 5 ticket a few years ago, all good fun.

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