Monday, October 26, 2009

World's first zero emission passenger boat‏


Checkout the world's first ZERO emission passenger boat (25.5m long) using hydrogen fuel cells:

Doesn't use diesel fuel, no emissions, fill up with hydrogen gas instead, a full tank of 50Kg of hydrogen will run the boat for 3 days, has twice the fuel efficiency of a standard boat with diesel engines, non-polluting and virtually silent (electric motor drives the propeller, some new ships use electric AZIPODs:

has been certified for commercial operations to carry 100 passengers. Where do you get hydrogen gas from? Water -> H2O. Where do you get water? Look over the side ;-) The only ding is you need lots of electricity to separate in commercial quantities the hydrogen from the oxygen in the water molecule however as you know there are lots of non polluting methods of generating electricity going around, wind, solar, ocean currents, nuclear etc... Of course hydrogen goes with a bang when ignited so they must have worked out lots of safeguards to keep the German Lloyd people happy...

Should have one in Sydney Harbour going around, give it a test run...

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