Saturday, January 7, 2012

Some thoughts for 2012

Haven't posted for a while so better put something up! Wishing everyone clear skies and smooth waters for the year. What is the difference between Mathematics and Physics? Picked up this interesting quote which is food for thought:

"We are able to demonstrate geometrical matters because we make them; if we could prove physical matters we would be able to make them".  
Giovanni Vico (1668-1744).
What's happening with Propulsion Physics and where are we going? Is Interstellar Travel going to happen sometime soon? Several interesting papers were published in 2011 and the 100 year Starship conference went ahead however don't see them leading to a breakthrough anytime soon. Several key technologies such as fusion reactors need to be in place before the propositions in the papers can be turned into a Starship so one might have to wait at least 50 years, Marc has his wonderings on a possible future timelime here. It appears that the Universe as we understand it with our current models is not human friendly as far as practical interstellar flight is concerned although the Physics doesn't deny us Interstellar Travel, it appears that one needs to be prepared for the extreme challenges of distances and time required to travel to possible nearby Earth-like planets in our Galaxy.

If Schiller's Strand model for eg turns out correct, then it looks like Physics is close to being complete which would make it even more difficult for Breakthrough Propulsion Physics. Between work, I am pursuing my studies for 2012 in Quantum Vacuum Physics & Engineering and see where it leads. The other big problem is getting large amounts of hardware into orbit without using chemical rockets. Is there a viable solution without using space elevators?

Some recents photos taken when I was recently in Exmouth, Western Australia. Most interesting sites are the US Navy VLF transmitter for submarines and the Learmonth Solar Observatory. Didn't see any turtles laying eggs on the beach, they turn up at night.     


Local Exmouth resident.
Vlamming Head Lighthouse.
Navy VLF station in the distance.
Closer view.
Checkout the Sydney outline diagram!


  1. The Strand model is new to me, similar to Braid theories?, but if it completes physics without any new interactions or particles, yes space exploration would a lot slower. However I've just written about classes of dark matter that may or may not be technological useful. Basicly if DM has its own dark type various of electromagnetism or any similar long range force, its incredible useful. But without one it isn't.

    Fusion propulasion is surely possible, though miniturising the National Ignation facility a size that might fit in the Daedulas type starshape might not be easy. Daedulas has a 40 year head start on the the 100 years starship team!

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